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What is Polyphenon?
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Polyphenon is a high-quality tea catechin extracted from natural tea leaves. Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd. is the first company in the world to succeed in developing an efficient extraction method for this marvelous substance.
25 years ago Mitsui Norin discovered that tea catechin provide a wide range of beneficial properties, and in 1983 founded the Mitsui Norin Food Research Laboratories, which have since been dedicated to carry out catechin research.

Resulting in this long-term and extensive research effort by Mitsui Norin, Polyphenon is a highly purified tea catechin extract, and is going to be the first pharmaceutical grade green tea catechin in the world.

The Mitsui Norin trademark for Polyphenon shows a circle and leaf, which represents the earth and a tea garden, and also a single drop of water, representing natural tea and its essence, Polyphenon. This mark attests to Mitsui Norin's desire to foster good health for the people of the world through Polyphenon, the essence of natural tea leaves produced by Mother Nature.
Polyphenon works both inside and outside the body to improve your health.
Mitsui Norin has been providing evidence on how Polyphenon works to improve human health both inside and outside the body. Our studies have been recognized and approved worldwide, and now world leading health organizations have launched important clinical studies in collaboration with Mitsui Norin, to identify the future role for Polyphenon in developing preventative treatments for human ailment.
About Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd. History of Mitsui Norin and Polyphenon
Mitsui Norin; Japan's leading tea company, has developed a variety of consumer, commercial, and Chinese tea products through leading Japanese brands such as Nittoh Tea, White Noble Tea, and Mitsui Meicha. Mitsui Norin has also been studying the active properties of tea on human health since its founding, over a century ago. Now, Mitsui Norin holds the promise of improved health through tea catechin, and wishes to share it with all the World's peoples. Using our wide range of advanced patented technologies, we will continue to develop Polyphenon products for you.
1980 Mitsui Norin initiates research on tea catechin, the first Japanese company to do so.
1981 Mitsui Norin invents a technology to extract and isolate highly pure tea catechin.
Commercialization is a success.
1983 Polyphenon, high-quality tea catechin extracted from natural tea leaves is registered as a trade mark of Mitsui Norin.
1996 Joint Cancer research program begin with a leading cancer institute.
1999 Cancer research efforts continue with advanced testing of Polyphenon in multi-phase clinical trials.
Mitsui Norin forms a partnership with a German pharmaceutical company for development of dermal medication containing tea catechins.
2006 The U.S. FDA approved a PolyphenonE ointment for the topical treatment of genital warts caused by the human papilloma virus.

POLYPHENON is a registered trademark of Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd.

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